Dear Colleagues, ORS is as busy as ever dealing with a constant flow of competition deadlines. SSHRC, Michael Smith, CIHR etc… ORS and sister administrative units have just survived a tri-agency monitoring visit. This used to be a difficult business years back when UBC was much less compliant with a good number of issues. However these visits have become much less stressful since deploying the RISe system. Now we have electronic integration of the various compliance (human and animal ethics) and biohazard certification, COI disclosure etc….so that we cannot set up research accounts until green lights come from all the compliance modules. RISe is also integrated with the HR and Finance systems again which provides tight assurance of compliance. The bad news is that ORS has not been able to continue processing grant applications with the 1 day internal deadline. The flow of last minute applications is just too great (often several hundred) to manage and in the age of zero tolerance if we miss anything in our administrative reviews of grants, the grant submission may well fail. We have been forced to increase the internal deadline to two full days (the U15 average is 3-7 days) and implement a $100 fine for proposals arriving after the 2 day deadline. Our VP (research and international) is carrying out a unit review of ORS consisting of a researcher survey and a series of interviews with various ORS clients (most importantly researchers) happening on March 27-28th. The review is being managed by Ann Campbell of the VPR office and involves Martha Crago (VPR at Dalhousie), Lorraine Deydey (Director of ORS at U of Alberta) and Ross McGillivray from UBC. Finally, if you have questions or concerns pleased contact me by email or phone. Sincerely, Martin Kirk PhD Director, ORS

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