CIHR’s eSubmission process for CIHR’s March 3, 2014 Open Operating Grant competition requires UBC Office of Research Services (ORS) to electronically approve applications via ResearchNet.

Note that this is a different process from that used for other CIHR funding competitions.  To view e-submission procedures for CIHR grants other than Operating Grants, visit the ORS CIHR eSubmission Procedures page.


For the March 2014 CIHR Open Operating Grant applications, please note the following ORS procedures and timelines which have been developed to allow for a timely submission of UBC applications:

  1. Submit a copy of the required documents by e-mail, fax, or dropping off a hard copy to the appropriate ORS location (see #2 under E-Submission Procedures below) by Monday, February 24, 2014 at 4:30 PM (internal deadline).  These documents will not be returned to you as ORS will approve your application on ResearchNet.  
  2. You may continue to work on the scientific portion of your application after you have submitted your paperwork to ORS.  Your electronic application must be submitted via ResearchNet no later than Thursday, February 27 at 4:30 PM.

While ORS makes best efforts to submit all applications on time and to facilitate support for our research community, applications submitted after February 27 will not receive a guarantee of administrative review from ORS, which includes confirmation of application completeness and requisite signatures.  This is an important step because, effective September 1, 2008, CIHR implemented a zero-tolerance policy for incomplete applications.  

To assist researchers in ensuring their applications are complete, ORS has identified some common errors made during the ResearchNet application process (#6 under E-Submission Procedures below).  To avoid system and other issues which may cause delay in the submission process, you are highly encouraged to submit your application to ORS by the internal deadline.

E-Submission Procedures:

For information on how to use ResearchNet, refer to the “How to Apply” section of the funding opportunity and the relevant application checklist. CIHR has discontinued the use of Web Forms.

  1. Application preparation:  The application must be prepared using ResearchNet. 
  2. ResearchNet:  The Nominated Principal Applicant must print and obtain signatures from other participants (i.e., other Principal Applicants, Co-Applicants, Knowledge Users, Supervisors, etc). In the “Institution Paid” field, it is critical that you select the UBC code, “CAAA”, from the dropdown list to ensure your application is routed to UBC ORS for approval.  Do not type a response in this field or select another institution from the dropdown list, as your application will not be routed to ORS for approval.  For the “Location of Project” field, select the institution where the project will take place (e.g., VCHRI, BCCA, CFRI).
    The Nominated Principal Applicant (NPA) is no longer required to sign the application submitted through ResearchNet. By submitting the ResearchNet application to ORS, the NPA is abiding by CIHR’s “Meaning of Signatures” detailed in the Grants and Awards Guide.
    Understand and comply with any faculty-specific requirements or deadlines. Note that effective January 1, 2014, all research grant applications must be accompanied by a Research Project Information Form (RPIF), which can be used to obtain the necessary signatures. The form can be found on the ORS Web site. As CIHR has removed signature blocks for the Head and Dean from its application form, please ask your Head and Dean to sign only the RPIF. Dean’s signatures are not required for the Faculty of Applied Science, Faculty of Science and the School of Kinesiology.

    If you are a co-applicant on a grant application initiated by a PI at another institution, you must submit a paper copy of the application with required UBC signatures for ORS review, even though the application is being submitted to the agency by another institution.  ORS does not need to approve the application online but must still review a copy of the application.
    Submit your required pages to ORS by the internal deadline (see #1 under Deadlines above for specific dates).  This ensures prompt review and approval for large competitions with many UBC applicants.  You can fax, drop off or e-mail the pages to the appropriate ORS location.  Note that these pages are retained at ORS and will not be returned to you.  Please ensure you keep a copy for your records.
    Required pages:

    • Page 1 and 2 of the CIHR Application Detail sections (download from ResearchNet under “Preview Application Materials") 
    • CIHR Applicant Signature pages including:
      CIHR Routing Slip
      CIHR Applicant Signature pages - all signature areas must be signed, including non-UBC co-applicant
      CIHR Institutional page - blank
    • Summary of Research Proposal page 
    • Budget modules and justification (download from ResearchNet under Application Materials – Preview budget documents)
    • In the case of cooperative projects, any letters of support or commitment from collaborating companies or institutions. 
    • A signed ORS Research Project Information Form

    Ensure you have collected ALL required internal signatures prior to submitting to ORS, and that the documents submitted to ORS are identical to your ResearchNet submission.

  3. Submit your ResearchNet application by the ORS deadline (see #2 under Deadlines above for specific dates). To do this, the Nominated Principal Applicant must upload the CIHR Routing Slip, all the SIGNED Signature Pages and a blank CIHR Institution signature page.  Note that uploading the signature pages eliminates the need for mailing the hard copy signatures to CIHR by the CIHR deadline date. “Verify” to ensure the application is complete. At this point, you can also save your entire file as a pdf for your records (highly recommended). Then click “Submit” to submit application to ORS.  Note that ORS cannot view or approve your application until you have submitted it online.  At this point in the process, ResearchNet will email you a confirmation number. 
    CIHR will not follow up with PIs who submit an incomplete application; the application is simply withdrawn from the competition.  For more information, review the CIHR Policy on Complete Applications.
    Note that this step is different from other CIHR applications because, when you click “Submit,” your application is routed to ORS first for final approval. 
  4. ORS reviews your application and, if all requirements are met, approves it online. ORS has read-only access to your application and cannot make changes, so if it’s not approved, ORS will return it to you for changes. ORS is no longer required to physically sign the application submitted through ResearchNet because the institution is participating in the Electronic Approval Pilot Project. This means that when ORS approves your application online and submits it to CIHR via ResearchNet, they (i.e. the Institution/Authorized Individual) are abiding by the “Meaning of Signatures” detailed in the Grants and Awards Guide
    Note that this step is different from other CIHR applications because ORS clicks the final "Submit" button to send your application to CIHR. 
  5. Once ORS has approved & submitted your application, ResearchNet automatically forwards it to CIHR. You will receive an e-mail from ResearchNet confirming that CIHR has received your application. No changes can be made to your application once it has been submitted to CIHR. 
  6. Common Errors on ResearchNet Submissions:
    CIHR has introduced a zero-tolerance policy for incomplete applications. Effective September 1, 2008, applications submitted to CIHR that do not contain all of the necessary information as described within the Funding Opportunity description and corresponding application forms will be withdrawn from the competition process.  Please visit "CIHR Policy on Complete Applications" and "CIHR Policy on Complete Applications - FAQ" at
    • Attach Full CV module to the application. DO NOT attach Registration CV. 
    • The number of co-applicant CVs must match the number of co-applicant signatures on the signature page. 
    • Ensure all required signatures are on the signature pages of the application. 
    • Ensure the Routing Slip is attached. 
    • Ensure you use the acceptable application formats and attachments. Please visit

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